Safe Eyes

Safe Eyes Parental Control Program

Safe Eyes is an award winning Internet parental control program that just got better. Safe Eyes Parental Control Software has been released and this software allows parents to further increase their control over computer and Internet activity. This parental control program gives you complete control over what your kids do while they are online. Safe Eyes allows a parent to monitor, restrict and block Internet activity all in one package.
A parental control program for a computer allows parents to totally control and monitor all aspects of computer and Internet activity. If you think your kids are spending too much time chatting, you can block the chat programs. If your kids are continuously on social networking sites like Facebook you can limit the time they spend on the social networking sites. If you just want to know what they are doing on these sites, Safe Eyes will let you monitor and record all of their Internet activity.

This is a great program for the youngest of Internet users, as it will block 35 categories of website content, as you deem appropriate. You can choose which categories you want to allow your kids to view. As you probably know, it is very easy to inadvertently browse to a website with indecent material. Safe Eyes will not allow your children to “stumble” upon those sites. Here is how it works.

The Safe Eyes Internet parental control program allows you to control the time your kids spend on the Internet. You know they spend way too much time online when they could be doing something more productive. You have total control over the time they spend on the Internet.

If you just want to know what your kids are doing on the computer, Safe Eyes is a computer monitoring program too. It allows you to create and review all aspects of computer and Internet usage including all websites visited, applications used and reports of entire Instant Messaging chat conversations. You can also set this parental control program to alert you if there has been inappropriate computer usage. You can be alerted by email, text message or even a phone call!

Protecting your kids online is not an easy task. Safe Eyes makes that task easier. You need to know what your kids are doing online just as much as you need to protect them from the indecent material that is rampant on the Internet.

The society has changed in such a way that it is too easy for an unprotected child to be groomed by an Internet Predator or for your child to view some really, really bad indecent material with the click of the mouse. The Safe Eyes Internet parental control software will help you protect your kids from the dangers that lurk on the Internet while still letting them use the Internet in a productive manner.

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