How to Tell if Instagram is Hacked

Your Instagram is hacked when the following 5 things are happening: Read on to see if your Instagram is hacked.  You log into one of you social media accounts and something just doesn’t feel right.   Maybe some pictures are changed around or you are getting notifications about things you never posted about. Here are the ways to tell if Instagram is hacked.

How Can You Tell  Someone Is Logging In to Your Instagram

1. Your Password is Wrong

Can you tell if someone logs into your Instagram?  Well, when you try over and over to log into your account and you are unable to log in, there is a strong possibility that your Instagram account has been hacked.  If you want to be able to tell when someone is logging in to your Instagram, you should check your settings to see if you can set an alert so that you get emailed when someone logs into your Instagram.  The next thing to do is to reset your password by clicking on the forgot password button. Then insert your username or email to get an email link to reset your password.

2. Your Friends Tell You

When someone logs into your Instagram, if you have your settings set to send you an email alert, then you will know.  On top of that, one of the most common ways to find out if your Instagram has been hacked is that your friends will tell you. Your friends will let you know of suspicious activity.

3. Following Random People

If you are scrolling through you feed and notice accounts that you have never seen before, it is possible that a hacker is trying to increase the followers and likes to those accounts.  A sure sign your Instagram is hacked!  You may not actually see them logging in but you will either see things changing and/or receive a log in email alert if you have set your settings to do so.

4. Images Being Posted

If you look at your profile and see images posted that you clearly did not post, this is an obvious sign that your Instagram has been hacked. Be sure to delete all of the images after you reset your password.

Can Instagram be Hacked. Email from Instagram

Hopefully Instagram’s security is doing its job and you receive an email before anything happens to your account. If you receive this email, you just need to follow the directions that are included.

Can Someone Hack My Instagram?  Anyone Can Get Hacked – Even Taylor Swift!

Considering that there are instructions on the internet on how to hack your Instagram then the answer is YES, someone can surely hack your Instagram!  The best way to keep your Instagram account from getting hacked is to never share your password with anyone. This includes friends and family. And another way is to research the different security solutions available to you.  You can do that here.

In conclusion, it may not be easy to tell if your Instagram is hacked, however the more of these things are happening the more likely that your Instagram is hacked.  You may want to take a look at some of the security solutions we review on this website under the hardware tab.

How to Make Sure Your Instagram Doesn’t Get Hacked

1. Make sure your password is strong. Be sure to us a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. It should be more characters than the 6 character minimum.

​2. Be sure to change your password frequently, especially if you are notified by Instagram. Try to change your password at least monthly.


4. If your email account has been hacked, it is very likely that the hacker can also access your Instagram account. Be sure to change your Instagram password if your email account is compromised. And don’t use the same password!

5. Log out of Instagram on any device that isn’t yours. This includes a library computer, a friend’s phone, or any other public computer.

6. Be aware of third party apps. If you don’t have a good feeling about an app, it is probably wise to not install it.

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